This Week’s New Product

I know if you’re like me, you get bombarded with promos. Every product is “newer” and “bigger” and “better” than the last.

To help you sift through the chaos, I will be posting products I’ve approved. Only STAR POWER products!

A product gets to STAR POWER status by:

1) being offered by a real Guru, not the many imitators

2) being USEFUL for a beginner to intermediate marketer

3) being EASY to use and implement


So without further ado, here’s the first STAR POWER product. Watch the video — it goes LIVE at 09:30 a.m. Monday, April 6.

Purchase from me and get awesome bonuses:


This amazing plugin will vary the content on your site from traffic from Traffic Fusion app or any traffic source for better results and conversions – this variation is going to be dependent on certain parameters like traffic source, country etc.

The end goal is that each visitor is treated differently and they see exactly what you want resulting in higher engagement


High-end premium wordpress video player plugin that allows you to stream and pre-roll video ads on any embedded video on your site.

This is perfect match to use on any site you send traffic to with Traffic Fusion app, you can use this plugin to advertise your products (video ads) to the audience.


No content – No problem! Marketing Newbie – No Problem at All!

Video Blog Magic takes care of everything for you, build a content rich video blog on any niche you want with highly engaging video posts to build up community engagement on your sites.

Best part is it’s all automated – so, just set this up on any site then use Traffic Fusion app to fire traffic to the site and see the amazing results

AND #4……. send me an email and I will give you a F*R*EE copy of my EWRITER PRO BLUEPRINT — the definitive guide to getting started writing on the Internet! All you have to do is purchase the product above and send the paypal confirmation code to me at Star Stirling [at] gmail [dot] com.

********You will only get those bonuses if you use the link above to purchase the product. :)

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